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Slow Small AUAV Target Defense System

  • Ring Laser Inertial Navigation System

    Contact NowRing Laser Inertial Navigation SystemFeatures:
    1. Pure inertial position precision 0.8nm/hr;
    2. Full temperature compensation;
    3. Fully sealed reliable design, to ensure the normal operation of the harsh environment;
    4. Anti vibration and anti electromagnetic interference.
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  • ER-Low-altitude And Slow-speed Small Targets Defense System AUAV-Fixed

    Contact NowER-Low-altitude And Slow-speed Small Targets Defense System AUAV-FixedFeature:
    1. Module design: product detection system adopting modular design, the system can be freely selected;
    2. Main band suppression: main band detection and interference, covering the mainstream radio frequency band;
    3. Standard city electricity: the equipment uses the...
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  • ER-9100 RLG Inertial Navigation System

    Contact NowER-9100 RLG Inertial Navigation SystemFeatures:
    1. Military device: Built-in tactical level inertial measurement device: 0.008°/hr, 10ug gyroscope accelerometer;
    2. Autonomous navigation: High precision autonomous navigation: pure inertial 1 nmile/hr;
    3. North seeking: High precision since the north found: 0.06 °...
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  • Positiong System Of Digital Zenith Photography

    Contact NowPositiong System Of Digital Zenith PhotographyPositiong System of Digital Zenith Photography Product Features: The Digital Zenith apparatus has undergone continuous innovation and improvement, forming a remote automatic monitoring system for vertical deflection, which consists of three parts: Digital Zenith photography, location subsystem,...Read More

  • ER-7960 FOG Inertial Navigation System

    Contact NowER-7960 FOG Inertial Navigation SystemFeatures:
    1. Military device;
    2. With pure gyro Drift Free function independently;
    3. Suitable for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and other kinds of underwater vehicle unmanned aircraft navigation position.
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  • ER-Low Slow Small Targets Defence System AUAV - Portable

    Contact NowER-Low Slow Small Targets Defence System AUAV - PortableFeatures:
    1. Use rapidly: boot into work state, without waiting;
    2. Frequency coverage: support for multiple frequency interference, it covering mainstream unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) spectrum;
    3. Power supply lasting: using lithium batteries, electromagnetic can change the...
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  • ER-Small Measurement Antenna

    Contact NowER-Small Measurement AntennaSmall measurement antennas are small size and exquisite workmanship, which is the preferred product of external antenna for hand-holding equipment.This series of antenna cover single single frequency, single star dual-band, binary frequency, samsung, samsung seven frequency, full frequency and...Read More

  • MEMS Inertial Navigation System

    Contact NowMEMS Inertial Navigation SystemFeatures:
    1. Provide horizontal attitude, Heading attitude, longitude, latitude, altitude, etc.
    2. Can be widely used in unmanned aerial vehicles, vehicle navigation, aviation and platform stability control and other fields.
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