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Laser Inertial Measurement Unit factory

  • Fiber Optic Inertial Measurement Unit

    Contact NowFiber Optic Inertial Measurement UnitFeatures:
    1. Highly cost-effective inertial measurement equipment;
    2. With broadband, high resolution, small zero drift, high linearity, short start-up time;
    3. Strong impact resistant and anti vibration ability;
    4. Small volume, low cost characteristics.
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  • MEMS Inertial Navigation System

    Contact NowMEMS Inertial Navigation SystemFeatures:
    1. Provide horizontal attitude, Heading attitude, longitude, latitude, altitude, etc.
    2. Can be widely used in unmanned aerial vehicles, vehicle navigation, aviation and platform stability control and other fields.
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  • ER-Small Measurement Antenna

    Contact NowER-Small Measurement AntennaSmall measurement antennas are small size and exquisite workmanship, which is the preferred product of external antenna for hand-holding equipment.This series of antenna cover single single frequency, single star dual-band, binary frequency, samsung, samsung seven frequency, full frequency and...Read More

  • ER-5651 MEMS Inertial/Satellite Integrated Navigation System

    Contact NowER-5651 MEMS Inertial/Satellite Integrated Navigation SystemFeatures:
    1. Equipped with MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer and mapping multi-mode multi-frequency GNSS receiver;
    2. It can achieve a single antenna dynamic alignment or dual antenna-assisted fast high-precision orientation;
    3. The directional accuracy can reach up to 0.1 deg.
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  • ERCW Series DC Ground Power Unit

    Contact NowERCW Series DC Ground Power UnitFeatures:
    1. Continuous high quality DC power;
    2. Over voltage, overload and Internal Thermal, short circuit protection;
    3. The power modules conform to EMC standards for noise emissions and immunity.
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  • MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit

    Contact NowMEMS Inertial Measurement UnitFeatures:
    1. Sealing design, high environmental adaptation;
    2. Good vibration performance, Strong resistance to overload;
    3. Can working normally in total temperature range -40℃~60℃.
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