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High Precision Antenna suppliers

  • ER220-III L GNSS Precision Timing Module

    Contact NowER220-III L GNSS Precision Timing ModuleFeatures:
    1.Dual mode timing module for power telecom timing applications;
    2.Timing accuracy, high reliability and reliability;
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  • ER-Universal Measuring Antenna

    Contact NowER-Universal Measuring AntennaThe universal measuring antenna is the standard antenna for the traditional split RTK products and covers single-satellite single-frequency, dual-satellite dual-band, dual-satellite quad-band, binary five-band, binary six-band, Samsung four- band, Samsung six- band, Samsung seven-band, Multiple...Read More

  • ER-680 High Precision Storage Type Receiver

    Contact NowER-680 High Precision Storage Type ReceiverER-680 High Precision Storage Type Receiver ER-680 new design support BD, GPS and GLONASS system eight frequency high precision reference station receiver type products, the embedded Linux operating system based on the receiver uses our company has completely independent intellectual property...Read More

  • ER-200 High Precision Timing Board

    Contact NowER-200 High Precision Timing BoardER-200 High Precision Timing Board ER-200 is section of high performance GPS / GLONASS combo satellite receive board, with GPS, GLONASS and GPS + GLONASS three positioning mode. In order to ensure the positioning precision of the optimal, three positioning and automatic mode switching, also by...Read More

  • ER220-III L GNSS precision timing module

    Contact NowER220-III L GNSS precision timing moduleFeatures:
    1.can support BDS B1, GPS L1 two frequency points.
    2.compact size, with SMT pad.
    3.support for standard pick and place and reflow soldering fully automated integration.
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  • ER-3D Reference Station Antenna

    Contact NowER-3D Reference Station AntennaThe 3D reference station antenna is designed with international advanced 3D structure chokes, equipped with anti-multipurpose choke, waterproof and UV-resistant cover, stable phase center, high positioning accuracy and low elevation receiving effect. It has passed the NGS Authoritative test....Read More

  • ER-32C High Precision Direction Finding Receiver

    Contact NowER-32C High Precision Direction Finding ReceiverER-32C High Precision Direction Finding Receiver ER-32C series receiver is a high performance of the multimode receiver. In packaging, ER-32C series receiver has small volume, light weight, installation, convenient carrying etc. The machine there are multiple serial port to communicate with an...Read More