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FOG North Seeking Gyro

  • ER-Gyro Theodolite

    Contact NowER-Gyro TheodoliteFeatures:
    1.Ultra high precision north seeking,the integral method is used to measure the principle;
    2.Pit interference ability is strong,integrated fuselage design , compact structure, stable performance;
    3.Has the functions of low lock, automatic zero observation and etcs;
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  • ER-Semi Liquid Floating Torsion Bar Gyro

    Contact NowER-Semi Liquid Floating Torsion Bar GyroFeatures:
    1.Be used directly without a matching circuit;
    2.Strong anti vibration ability, high reliability and low cost;
    3.Suitable for the flight control system, the speed measuring system and the servo system;
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  • ER-Raw Rate Gyro Attitude Heading Reference System

    Contact NowER-Raw Rate Gyro Attitude Heading Reference SystemFeatures:
    1.Composed of single degree of freedom FOG gyro and control box.
    2.Used in big size ship for long voyage in bumping waters;
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  • ER-Dynamically Tuned Gyro For Oil And Gas

    Contact NowER-Dynamically Tuned Gyro For Oil And GasFeatures:
    1. With small size and strong shock resistance;
    2. Can be used for the system which with small space;
    3. Widely used in gyro borehole survey tools and well logging tools;
    4. Designed for dynamical orientation and positioning;
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  • ER-DBY1 Static Fiber Optic Gyro North Finder

    Contact NowER-DBY1 Static Fiber Optic Gyro North FinderFeatures:
    1.GPS/GNSS/BD receiver and odometer sensor components;
    2.Provide the carrier with true north azimuth angle,motion, speed and position information;
    3.Used in coal mining, oil drilling, tunnel construction and geodesy,static positioning and orientation ;
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  • ER-HGS 20 Gyro Theodolite

    Contact NowER-HGS 20 Gyro TheodoliteFeatures:
    1.The principle of reverse point tracking method and high orientation precision;
    2.The DC permanent magnet gyro motor is used to reduce the temperature rise of the sensitive part;
    3.The stability of the equipment is good. Detachable design, convenient to carry;
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