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FOG Inertial navigation system

  • ER-4100 Navigation Communication Simulator

    Contact NowER-4100 Navigation Communication SimulatorER-4100 Navigation Communication Simulator Product introduction : ER-4100 navigation communications simulator to generate high fidelity, high resolution, high precision and high stability of satellite navigation analog signals. It can perform accurate testing and performance evaluation of Beidou...Read More

  • ER-201 Navigation And Positioning Receiver

    Contact NowER-201 Navigation And Positioning ReceiverER-201 BD receiver can encapsulate a variety of OEM board. The product has two serial ports which can communicate with external equipment. Receiver has an antenna port, Power input and so on. It is suitable for low-cost, low -power field BDS / GPS positioning system, multi- application RTK,...Read More

  • ER-5680 MEMS Inertial/Satellite Integrated Navigation System

    Contact NowER-5680 MEMS Inertial/Satellite Integrated Navigation SystemFeatures:
    1. Built-in full temperature of 0.5 °/h high-precision MEMS gyroscope, a 100ug high-precision quartz accelerometer and a survey-level GNSS receiver of multi-mode and multi-frequency for dynamic fast alignment or GNSS dual antenna;
    2. Support fast and high precision...
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  • Fiber Optic Inertial Navigation System

    Contact NowFiber Optic Inertial Navigation SystemFeatures:
    1. Using triaxial fiber optic gyro sensitive vector angular motion, the proportion of digital signal output with the carrier movement angular rate;
    2. Three orthogonal collocation of quartz flexure accelerometer gauge carrier sensitive linear acceleration;
    3. Output...
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  • Positiong System Of Digital Zenith Photography

    Contact NowPositiong System Of Digital Zenith PhotographyPositiong System of Digital Zenith Photography Product Features: The Digital Zenith apparatus has undergone continuous innovation and improvement, forming a remote automatic monitoring system for vertical deflection, which consists of three parts: Digital Zenith photography, location subsystem,...Read More

  • ER-Low Altitude Slow Small Target Defense System AUAV--Vehicular

    Contact NowER-Low Altitude Slow Small Target Defense System AUAV--VehicularFeatures:
    1. Module design:Product detection system using modular design, you can freely select the detection system.
    2. Mainstream frequency band suppression: Mainstream frequency band detection and interference, covering the mainstream radio communication band.
    3. Standard...
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  • ER-80 FOG IMU

    Contact NowER-80 FOG IMUFeatures:
    1.High bandwidth, large range
    2.low power consumption and small volum
    3.Good precision and light shap
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  • ER-4000 Satellite Navigation Jamming Signal Simulator

    Contact NowER-4000 Satellite Navigation Jamming Signal SimulatorER-4000 Satellite Navigation Jamming Signal Simulator Product introduction : The satellite navigation jamming signal simulator can generate six types of interference signals such as continuous wave interference, sweeping interference, frequency modulation interference, amplitude modulation...Read More

  • ER-Low Slow Small Targets Defence System AUAV - Portable

    Contact NowER-Low Slow Small Targets Defence System AUAV - PortableFeatures:
    1. Use rapidly: boot into work state, without waiting;
    2. Frequency coverage: support for multiple frequency interference, it covering mainstream unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) spectrum;
    3. Power supply lasting: using lithium batteries, electromagnetic can change the...
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  • Dynamically Tuned Inertial Navigation System

    Contact NowDynamically Tuned Inertial Navigation SystemFeatures:
    1. Strapdown inertial navigation system determination of aircraft position, heading, altitude;
    2. System with emergency rapid alignment, normal alignment, navigation, correction, parameter calibration, testing, parameter binding, non volatile storage.
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