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Dynamically Tuned Gyro INS suppliers

  • Gyro-Theodolite

    Contact NowGyro-TheodoliteProduct Features: Ultra high precision north seeking The integral method is used to measure the principle. Pit interference ability is strong Integrated fuselage design (battery built-in), compact structure, stable performance It has the functions of low lock, automatic zero observation,...Read More

  • ER-HGS 20 Gyro-Theodolite

    Contact NowER-HGS 20 Gyro-TheodoliteProduct Features: T he principle of reverse point tracking method and high orientation precision The DC permanent magnet gyro motor is used to reduce the temperature rise of the sensitive part of the gyroscope, and the stability of the equipment is good. Detachable design, convenient to carry...Read More

  • ER--GBY1 Dynamic Fiber Optic Gyro North Finder

    Contact NowER--GBY1 Dynamic Fiber Optic Gyro North FinderFeatures:
    1.Adopt high precision FOG and Quartz acceleroemter
    2.Dynamic measurement to get heading, roll, pitch angle
    3.Truth north finding
    4.Widely used in missile launch, weapon targeting, radar, antennas, other dynamic control objects.
    Read More

  • Dynamically Tuned Gyro For Aerospace

    Contact NowDynamically Tuned Gyro For AerospaceFeatures:
    1. High-precision strapdown flexible gyroscope;
    2. With advantages of light weight, small size, and high precision;
    3. Widely applied in strapdown attitude system in aerospace.
    Read More

  • Raw Rate Gyro Attitude Heading Reference System

    Contact NowRaw Rate Gyro Attitude Heading Reference SystemFeatures:
    1.Used in big size ship for long voyage in bumping waters;
    2.Composed of single degree of freedom gyro and control box.
    Read More