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ER-MEMS North Finder

1.True north seeking
2.Low cost, high precision
3.Low power consumption, long life, high reliability characteristics

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ER-MEMS North Finder

ER-MEMS North Finder


The direction finding device most depends on electronic compass or GPS or the one/fiber optic gyro north finder, however electronic compass is very vulnerable to the interference of magnetic field near the object, often cannot accurately measure the earth's magnetic field relative to the orientation of the device, magnetic declination and hard to accurate compensation, which is based on GPS for north means can only be used outdoors, unable to interior orientation, flexible and optical fiber gyro respectively due to the high cost price, poor impact resistance, volume weight, have not been able to recognized by the market, the birth of the MEMS north finder will completely change the present situation;


MEMS north finder, under static conditions obtained baseline relative to the axis of the azimuth angle and the inclination angle and azimuth, if north seeking inertial movement began, with continuous output change dynamic angle and the azimuth angle. Using industry level low rate drift of MEMS Gyro North Seeking for, built-in IMU for angle measurement and direction of projections, with miniature, low power consumption, long life, high reliability characteristics.





Find north precision



Find north time


Precision of Angle



Working voltage



Date interface


Can be customized

Working temp




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