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Working principle of measurements-while-drilling instrument


MWD measurement system consists of two parts: ground system and underground instrument. The ground system includes computer, front-end box, pressure sensor, hook load sensor, driller monitor and related accessories, etc. The downhole instruments are mainly composed of directional measuring short sections, gamma measurement short sections, drive short sections, mud pulser and so on.


The directional probe can be used to measure the position information of the drilling tool (tool surface, well inclined, azimuth, etc.), and the gamma probe can detect the natural gamma radioactivity intensity of the stratum.Driven by the measured data of ground pipe nipple coding processing, into a pulse signal for pulse generator, control pulse generator under the valve head movement, and then change the drill string inside mud circulation area, makes the mud pressure change inside the drill string, installed on the ground the riser pressure sensor to transmit the pressure force signal into electrical signal to the ground system front-end box after conditioning, acquisition card will be converted to digital signal by a ground software filtering, decoding, downhole instrument measuring parameters, and display the saved for directional engineer reference, real-time access to underground directional drilling tool profile information.

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