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  • Gyro-theodolite

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    Product Features: Ultra high precision north seeking The integral method is used to measure the principle. Pit interference ability is strong Integrated fuselage design (battery built-in), compact structure, stable performance It has the functions of low lock, automatic zero observation,...Read More

  • ER-HGS 20 Gyro-theodolite

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    ER-HGS 20 Gyro-theodolite

    Product Features: T he principle of reverse point tracking method and high orientation precision The DC permanent magnet gyro motor is used to reduce the temperature rise of the sensitive part of the gyroscope, and the stability of the equipment is good. Detachable design, convenient to carry...Read More

  • ER-JDY-1 Precision Alignment Instrument

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    ER-JDY-1 Precision Alignment Instrument

    Product Features: Can be used in conjunction with a total station, all three claw type structure of the theodolite, vane, prism, meet the needs of measurement precision engineering surveying and mapping unit Technical Specification:Read More

  • All Weather Sighting Board

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    All Weather Sighting Board

    ER-CB-1 EL All weather sighting board Product Features: Long service life, Independent luminescence, Low power consumption, Using the maintenance free battery power supply, The luminance of the luminescent body is uniform. It is a kind of Surveying and mapping equipment for daytime and night....Read More

  • Positiong System Of Digital Zenith Photography

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    Positiong System Of Digital Zenith Photography

    Positiong System of Digital Zenith Photography Product Features: The Digital Zenith apparatus has undergone continuous innovation and improvement, forming a remote automatic monitoring system for vertical deflection, which consists of three parts: Digital Zenith photography, location subsystem,...Read More

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