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ER-3D Reference Station Antenna

1.Designed with international advanced 3D structure chokes, anti-multipurpose choke, waterproof;
2.The phase center accuracy sub-millimeter,high stability, good repeatability;
3.Unique waterproof and dustproof design, low-noise amplifier gain;

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ER-3D Reference Station Antenna

ER-3D Reference Station Antenna


The 3D reference station antenna is designed with international advanced 3D structure chokes, equipped with anti-multipurpose choke, waterproof and UV-resistant cover, stable phase center, high positioning accuracy and low elevation receiving effect. It has passed the NGS Authoritative test.

Technical Features:

1. the phase center accuracy sub-millimeter, and the phase center of high stability, good repeatability

2. the use of 3D choke design, to achieve excellent multi-path rejection

3. the antenna low elevation angle high gain, low tracking satellite capability at low angles, to ensure that the number of available satellites system enough

4. low-noise amplifier gain, with cable length up to 100 meters

5. a unique waterproof and dustproof design, to ensure that the core components are completely sealed, long years of normal work outdoors


Technical Parameters:

Structural characteristics

Antenna size


Joint type

TNC N-Female

Work environment

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature



95% Non-Freezing & Non-Toxic


Relevant models:

Product description

Prodcut model

Frequency range

Four system full frequency


BDS  B1/B2/B3、GPS  L1/L2/L5、GLONASS  G1/G2、GALILEO  E1/E2/E5a/E5b/E6

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